Hi-Chew : Morinaga American, Inc

In the 1930's Taichiro Morinaga, the future father of Hi-Chew, enters the world on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Seeking to find his destiny, the intrepid Morinaga moves to America at age 23. With hard-won candy-crafting skills, Taichiro returns to his home country and begins selling candy from a simple push cart. The sweets are such a hit that he’s able to open his own store in Tokyo: The Morinaga Western Confectionery Shop. Since then, HI-CHEW has became a cultural icon in Japan. To this day more than 113 different flavors has been created. Today, the brand has a global following and can be found in Retailers across the nation. Enjoy the smooth, sweet, chewy & irresistible  fresh flavors!


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Maria's Premium Popcorn

At Onward Brands we believe that each person deserves to live healthy, productive and a purpose-driven life worth celebrating. That’s why we created Maria’s Premium Popcorn, made with the finest ingredients creating a perfect blend of sweetness, crunchiness and incredible taste. Perfectly popped and delicious to the last kernel.
Share Maria’s Premium with family and friends as you celebrate life’s special moments. One life – live it well!


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Inspired by their organic lifestyles and the recent birth of their kids, the YumEarth founding fathers (two young dads) began working on an organic candy product line. Eureka! In 2007 the first deliciously fruity organic lollipops were born! Gummy beans and worms were the next to join the family. They introduced one of the industry’s first natural sour jelly bean shell, which led to our pucker-producing sour beans. Yum Earth fruit snacks receive rave reviews and they nailed it with great tasting gluten-free licorice. You'll love all fruity flavored YumEarth sweet treats.
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For over 100 years, the DiBella family recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Sophia DiBella and her daughter, Anna, created Dibella biscotti in their tiny brick and tile kitchen in Palermo, Italy using only the freshest ingredients. Today, we continue to bake a gourmet cookie that is, simply, delicious. Our biscotti can be eaten alone or traditionally - dipped into your favorite beverage, alongside gelato, or paired with a glass of wine. No matter your preference, one thing is for certain: DiBella products are baked with passion and quality that you can taste.
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With a simple blend of whole organic foods, including sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, and beets, Sneakz combines great taste with positive nutrition to help families eat better and enjoy their vegetables. Made with pure, clean USDA Organic ingredients, Sneakz contains no GMOs, antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It does not contain gluten ingredients and is free from carrageenan. Sneakz has less sugar than sodas and many juice drinks and packs in a whole lot more nutrition. Try comparing Sneakz to other flavored milk drinks, and you’ll see that Sneakz not only tastes just as good but is a much healthier alternative, with more fiber and less sugar and sodium per serving than many leading chocolate milk brands.
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The story of GeeFree Gluten-Free began when Susan visited with friends while traveling overseas. The family needed to avoid gluten, and they served Susan the most delicious puff pastries. A longtime food professional, Susan had never had anything quite like these crispy, tender, and tasty treats. Excited, she wasted no time calling master baker and friend Steve. “We have to find a way to bring this to the United States!” she said. When distribution proved too complex, Susan and Steve worked to recreate and perfect what Susan knew would be a sensational hit. The first four frozen products in the GeeFree line are the savory Spanakopita, scrumptious Franks in Blankets, delicious Chicken Pot Pie, and easy-to-use Puff Pastry Sheets. You don’t need to have a gluten sensitivity to appreciate these amazing dishes.


Mikaela’s is a Woman Owned Business that started with Mikaela in her kitchen making Gluten Free Biscotti Cookies as Christmas Gifts. Mikaela received a call from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf when they were given a gift box with her gluten free cookies, impressed with how delicious they were they asked Mikaela to start manufacturing her Gluten Free Biscotti Cookies as Private Label. The Demand for her Biscotti Cookies skyrocketed. She decide to brand her cookies under Mikaela’s Simply Divine. Made only with the highest quality ingredients, like Belgian Chocolate. Making them lighter, crunchier, and crispier then your traditional Biscotti.
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Artisan Tropic

The Guzmans moved to Charlotte, NC 24 years ago (1994), having Entrepreneurial Spirits and Dreams. 6 Years ago (2012), Maca was diagnosed with an autoimmunity. The Guzmans exhausted medical options and ended up trying a holistic approach. They became passionate about food and nutrition. They used that passion as the vision for starting a healthy snack brand called Artisan Tropic. Being Colombian, they wanted to innovate the most delicious Plantain and Cassava Snacks, with a sharp focus on whole and clean ingredients. What began as a Health Issue became a Passion and then evolved into a business…. and a love story.

Larry & Terri's

Larry & Terri’s cake topper numbers are truly a labor of love and one of a kind process. Every cake topper number has an insert hole at the top of the number in which the supplied celebration candle will fit into perfectly. Each cake topper number has a footer at the base to be inserted into the cake. Once the singing is complete and the candle is blown out the delicious fun begins. Just remove the candle and the special birthday person can enjoy the edible chocolatey topper.
Artisan Tropic - La vida a mordiscos 1-1
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