Hi-Chew : Morinaga American, Inc

In the 1930's Taichiro Morinaga, the future father of Hi-Chew, enters the world on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Seeking to find his destiny, the intrepid Morinaga moves to America at age 23. With hard-won candy-crafting skills, Taichiro returns to his home country and begins selling candy from a simple push cart. The sweets are such a hit that he’s able to open his own store in Tokyo: The Morinaga Western Confectionery Shop. Since then, HI-CHEW has became a cultural icon in Japan. To this day more than 113 different flavors has been created. Today, the brand has a global following and can be found in Retailers across the nation. Enjoy the smooth, sweet, chewy & irresistible  fresh flavors!


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Maria's Premium Popcorn

At Onward Brands we believe that each person deserves to live healthy, productive and a purpose-driven life worth celebrating. That’s why we created Maria’s Premium Popcorn, made with the finest ingredients creating a perfect blend of sweetness, crunchiness and incredible taste. Perfectly popped and delicious to the last kernel.
Share Maria’s Premium with family and friends as you celebrate life’s special moments. One life – live it well!


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Artisan Tropic

The Guzmans moved to Charlotte, NC 24 years ago (1994), having Entrepreneurial Spirits and Dreams. 6 Years ago (2012), Maca was diagnosed with an autoimmunity. The Guzmans exhausted medical options and ended up trying a holistic approach. They became passionate about food and nutrition. They used that passion as the vision for starting a healthy snack brand called Artisan Tropic. Being Colombian, they wanted to innovate the most delicious Plantain and Cassava Snacks, with a sharp focus on whole and clean ingredients. What began as a Health Issue became a Passion and then evolved into a business…. and a love story.
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